Thursday, 30 October 2008

Protecting local jobs

Impassioned speeches were made by two Labour Councillors at tonight's Council Meeting wanting to protect local jobs and stop the work going out of town. Unfortunately both of the Councilors had to admit that under European Union Rules the work was of sufficient value that it had to be tendered across the whole of the EU. Best value rules then meant we couldn't favour our own local workforce over companies from Paris, Berlin, Warsaw or a tiny hamlet in deepest, darkest Bulgaria.

So long as we stay in the European Union we have to play by their rules. Complaining about it isn't enough. If these people really wanted to protect local workers and make local decisions locally then they'd admit we would be better off out of the EU. Of course they can't do that as they would then be off message and going against their Party Policy. Just another case of no matter what they might say their actions speak louder than their words and their actions are definitely party first, party second and always party ahead of principle or integrity of belief.

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