Friday, 24 October 2008

PLAN B - NO to Regional Assemblies so YES to Unitary Authorities

When the people of the North-East said emphatically ‘NO’ to an elected NE Regional Assembly we (UKIP) advised the electorate not to allow this temporary euphoria to cause them to ‘take their eye off the ball’.

The real significance of the vote on November 4, 2004 was NOT the satisfaction of derailing Labour’s latest effort to divest us of our democracy, but, rather wondering just how they would get round to ignoring our verdict as they surely would do. Who can forget John Prescott who possesses the political acumen of a fruit-fly looking like a cross between Quasimodo and a bulldog chewing a wasp lecturing us about “missed opportunities” because we saw through their (the Labour Government’s) spin, deceit and lies and told them to “get stuffed”.

Many correspondents pointed out at the time that even if the vote on an elected Regional Assembly had been 100% ‘NO’ (it was an overwhelming 80%) the UN-elected assembly would still be in place. Of course papers such as: The Journal, Northern Echo and others, who all campaigned for a ‘YES’ vote, never pointed out this fact to their readers. Strange that, isn’t it?

How very satisfying that people power prevailed over press power. Given this background, few will be surprised that these same papers backed the plans to subvert duly elected parish, town, borough and county councils’ and merge them into wholly undemocratic and unaccountable bodies called UNITARY authorities.

Whenever public opinion was consulted on plans to break up our historic northern counties they overwhelmingly rejected them. TRUE TO FORM THE GOVERNMENT WENT AHEAD ANYWAY! Who doubts that Unitary authorities are Regional Assemblies PLAN ‘B’?

Regionalization – the ‘Balkanization’ of Britain was decreed in the Maastricht Treaty (Article 198A) of 1992. The plan is simple, – Britain, as a self governing nation state is to be obliterated and replaced by a series of ‘regions’ all subordinate to ‘The European Committee of the Regions’ in Strasbourg. This structure is already in place with the network of unelected assemblies across the country, the referendum in 2004 was merely an attempt to ‘legitimize’ their plans. They assumed the people of the North East could be relied upon to endorse their treachery. How very wrong they were!

History has shown us however that the EU will never take ‘NO’ for an answer. The examples to prove this are many. The latest ongoing example being of course the news that the Irish, having said ‘NO’, are to be made to vote again on the ‘Lisbon’ treaty, which as we all know is the EU constitution rejected by France and the Netherlands, declared ‘dead’ then brought back as a ‘mere’ treaty. This self-same anti-democratic drive of the EU is the real story behind ‘Unitary authorities and their enforcement on the public. Unitaries are Regional Assemblies in a new wrapper. Reject Plan ‘A’ and all they’ll do is rebrand it as Plan’B’.

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