Friday, 20 March 2009

Support for Brown?

My policy on anonymous comments is fairly clear but I do accept those that add to the debate. Yesterday "Anonymous" said in response to my post about Gordon Brown and the Nobel Prize...

"But didn't Paul Krugman the 2008 winner (and someone who obviously knows what he's talking about) sing Gordon's praises. It was he who said "Gordon Brown may very well have saved the world's economy".

Of course it all depends who you listen to! According to a report in today's Guardian, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has totally rejected Gordon Brown's plans. So I doubt very much if she considers Brown to be the Saviour of the world economy? Merkel insists any global recovery plan must rein in the markets and it's not time to look at more growth measures.

Last night the EU's 27 leaders acknowledged the scale of the crisis threatening to blow the 16-strong eurozone apart. Merkel has the support of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. The Germans have admitted that their economic contraction could be worse than the 2.25% forecast and France admitted it faced its worst slump for 30 years, with the economy likely to decline by 3%.




  2. This Telegraph article was of course published several months ago and since then opinions have changed. I can find lots of quotes from Gordon Brown on the subject of Prudence which now look more like comedy routines than serious economic discourse. My only real comment is why do you feel the need to hide your identity when making these posts?