Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hartlepool Top's the Table

Unfortunately I'm not referring to the Division 1 League Table. That of course is a position Pools will never occupy with results like yesterday where Pools crashed out with a 2-0 defeat to a struggling Cheltenham Town who have failed to win in their past 16 games. The manager, Chris Turner even went as far as to say he was embarrassed by the team's display.

In an article on the club's website (,,10326~1590624,00.html) he said "I wonder if those players in there are embarrassed like I am because those fans who traveled down to watch us today deserve a lot lot better.".

Another group of people who deserve a lot better are the struggling Council Taxpayers of Hartlepool. Hartlepool now sit on top of the table for highest council tax bills in the North East, and are in a play off place for topping the table nationally. Go on HBC I'm sure you can snatch the top spot next year!

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In football parlance, the only hope is a fans' revolt that sees the current Manager sacked and new blood brought in. In June this year the Council Taxpayers do have an opportunity to replace the Mayor. After all "No more Council Tax Increases" was one of the Mayor's Campaign pledges, anyone remember that? Of course in the current economic climate we are seeing people who have failed totally being rewarded with bonuses and huge pensions. Stuart getting re-elected would just be another failure getting unjust rewards.

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