Thursday, 26 March 2009

Happy Birthday Rosie

My little girl is 18 today. Happy Birthday Rosie!

Eighteen years ago today I was the happiest and proudest man alive. After 30 hours in labour it was eventually decided that Rosie needed some surgical intervention in order to make her appearance into the world. Rosie's dislike of exerting herself started in the womb, why should she do something herself when if she waits long enough someone will do it for her. I was allowed into the operating theater (and I've still got the surgical mask tucked away in my special box of memories, along with the umbilical clip!) I was warned to stay at the head end and not look round the screen but of course I had to look didn't I! A student nurse had already been positioned ready to catch me so I presume most dads take a peek and wish they hadn't. Anyway, out she eventually came and the surgical team asked if we had a name "Rosemary" I said through floods of tears. Well the entire theater then broke into a chorus of "Love Grows where my Rosemary Goes" and that got me sobbing even more.

Happy birthday Rosie.