Tuesday, 10 March 2009


It is getting harder and harder to convince myself we are not living an endless repeat of 1st April.

According to Jack Straw (The Justice Secretary) prisoners released early from jail are being paid compensation because they lose their three free meals a day while banged up. After they have been released the ex-cons are having to buy their own food! Imagine that! Buy their own food! If they had remained in prison then they would have been getting fed by the taxpayer. How unfair is it to release them early and make them miss out on their free nosh. Definitely deserve compensation, no doubt about it!

The government has so far paid out £5,500,000 in compensation and the scheme has cost £429,000 to administer, well it takes lots of civil servants to hand out our money! Bringing the total cost to the taxpayer to almost £6,000,0000 since June 2007.

The lunatics are definitely running the asylum!

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  1. hmmm that dinner looks........