Sunday, 8 March 2009

MPs should normally serve for no more than three full terms

The Jury Team have some very good ideas. Of course that means they have ideas I agree with. One that definitely gets my support is that MPs should normally serve for no more than three full terms. I would actually go further and include Local Authority Councilors (and directly elected Mayors) in the group that cannot remain in power indefinitely.

If National democracy is suffering from lack of accountability and the strangle hold of the party system then the situation in local government is even worse. Local Councilors are often either retired, unemployed or unemployable. Hartlepool has an elected Mayor, his main claim to fame being prior to this was as the Monkey Mascot for Hartlepool Football Club. The general consensus is that he isn't doing much harm, but then the Council is run by the Officers anyway and the Labour Party dominate his cabinet and all the main Council Committees.

No-one with any sense is involved in local politics these days, unless they are using it as a stepping stone to higher things. So why am I involved you might ask, well that's easy ...........
.......... I like tilting at windmills!

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