Sunday, 22 March 2009

5 Year Procurement Plan

Five year plans were beloved by Stalin and the Soviet Union Planners and they are still in fashion in Hartlepool Borough Council. The Council's Five Year Procurement Plan (6 monthly update) included mention of the Tall Ships Race (without which no Council Document is complete these days), Building schools for the future (another sacred cow in Council speak) and the Council's ICT Partnership (about which least said the better).

The agenda papers however didn't mention the vacancy currently on the Council's Website for a Strategic Procurement Manager. This is described as an exciting opportunity for a procurement professional with excellent managerial and purchasing skills to take forward our challenging Corporate Procurement Strategy. Presenting an opportunity to make an impact across the Council, this role will have a high profile, working with Chief Officers and Senior Managers as the Council continues to explore new and innovative forms of procurement.

Since the Procurement Plan has been approved by the Finance and Efficiency Portfolio holder I did wonder what a "Strategic Procurement Manager" would actually be doing for 37 hours a week (permanent post) to earn their £38,575 - £42,195 pa, plus Essential Car User Allowance.

Hold on! Isn't there a recruitment freeze in place at Hartlepool Council? Obviously not!

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