Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pay Rises all round!

I receive a copy of a letter in my Councillors Bag today originally dated 3rd June 2008. I assume it was to remind me that Hartlepool Council agreed the final pay award for 2008/09 back in June last year and that it was 2.75% against an interim award of only 2.45%. All members and staff salaries will include the agreed award from April 2009 and arrears of 0.3% to cover April 2008 to March 2009 will be paid to Members and Staff in May 2009.

With the country on the verge of bankruptcy I suppose its time to get every penny you can before the whole thing collapses. In the Council tax setting meeting this year I did propose that Councillors should voluntarily forgo their allowances for 12 months s a gesture towards the hard time we are going through. Believe it or not there was very little support for my proposal!

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