Thursday, 18 June 2009

Updated my Council Profile

As a born and bred Hartlepool lad I love the town and want to do my best for the place and its people. I came into the world in April 1960 in the old Cameron Hospital, now sadly gone. At that time I think there were 5 hospitals and a maternity home in the town. Soon they may not be any hospital at all!

I am married to Sandra, who is a Chiropodist; we have 2 children, both teenagers and both currently (June 2009) doing A Levels at Brinkburn Sixth Form College. I attended Fens School, Hartlepool Grammar School (now the site of Hartlepool Sixth Form College) and then a B.Sc at London University. Self employed Management Consultant since 1986. I hold an M.Sc from Loughborough and a Cranfield University Management Fellowship (amongst other qualifications).

The current term 2006-2010 is my second stint as a councillor for St Hilda Ward so I must be doing something right! Of course you can't please everyone all the time but that's politics. Along with the other two ward councillors I hold regular ward surgeries but also publish my own newsletter approximately four times a year to every home in the ward. This newsletter is funded by me at no cost to the residents of St Hilda Ward.

In the run up to the European Elections 2009 I served as the National Campaign Director for the UK Independence Party. However, masterminding UKIP’s campaigns meant spending considerable amounts of time away from the town and so after the most successful campaign ever (13 UKIP MEPs returned to the Brussels Parliament) I decided to resign from a National Role to allow me to concentrate on local issues and St.Hilda Ward in particular.

Quite separately from being a Councillor I also serve on the Governing Body of Brinkburn 6th Form College and am a Member of the Friends of the Trincomalee, Member of the Cleveland Bee-keepers Association, a qualified Scuba Diver and enjoy DIY and reading. I hold my "ticket" as a RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper and have crewed several times on one of the Tall Ships Challenger Boats. In 2009 I even applied (unsuccessfully unfortunately) for a berth on a yacht competing in the Fastnet Race.

I can be contacted through the Civic Centre or at my office address above, or of course by e-mail. Alternatively for a more candid look at me, please visit my blog at or you can follow me (StephenAllison) on Twitter.

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  1. Welcome back into the real world Steve, and good luck with the consultancy.

    MUST have that pint soon!