Thursday, 18 June 2009

Google my name

Anyway, I was told by a young acquaintance recently that if you meet someone in a pub or club these days it's getting fairly common to sneak off to the toilets and run their name through Facebook or google to see if they are an Axe murderer or something like that.

Of course I had to try it.

Googling "Stephen Allison" brought back 8,290,000 hits. The top 10 were

Stephen Allison Architecture, a Glasgow based domestic & commercial architecture & interior designer.

Second was, yes, ME via this very bloggspot page.

Stephen Allison - State Representative from Georgia's 8th District

Stephen Allison (not me) professional profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest business network,

Stephen Allison (not me) - Online Memorial (Died 24th of August 2007),

Stephen Allison (not me!)on Facebook,

Stephen Allison (ME Again) on Twitter,

Stephen Allison, State Representative from Georgia's 8th District AGAIN

Stephen Allison (ME, third time) on a website called UKIP@HOME

Cllr Stephen Allison (ME, four out of the top 10) on Hartlepool Council Website!

So I got four out of the top ten Google Hits for "Stephen Allison" Should I be pleased or sad? and how do I get to the number 1 spot?


  1. It worked ! I Googled your name and am not displeased with the results.

  2. If you want the number one spot, turn into an axe murderer - that should do it!