Friday, 19 June 2009

More expenses!

I have already stated on this blog that I have never claimed a single penny in expenses for any Council business. I think I should also make it clear that unlike the Mayor I don’t have a personal assistant to book taxis, trains or planes on my behalf.

The Mayor said he’d never claimed expenses, but he seems to be unable (or unwilling) to recognise that he might not have claimed them but his expenses have been paid, over and above what he receives in salary, by the Council Taxpayers of Hartlepool.

In my opinion what he said in the Hartlepool Mail is even worse than claiming expenses! At least expenses are usually reimbursement of money you have paid out, the Mayor doesn't even pay it out in the first place. Obviously Stuart Drummmond is now well versed now in political double speak. It is true he has never “claimed” expenses, but only because all his expenses are paid for him without him needing to bother “claiming”

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