Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cross Party Support

In the past UKIP support in the North East has often suffered from the impression that the Party are mainly former Tories. This impression has been hard to shake off even though the level of votes UKIP is now receiving in many areas is much higher than could be accounted for by such a simple explanation.

Hard evidence that UKIP is getting support right across the political spectrum was at last provide by a recent poll by ComRES. Asked which party did current UKIP supporters voted for in the 2005 General Election, those saying UKIP split Labour 16%, Lib-Dem 16%, Conservative 15% with the rest (41%) saying they didn’t vote or they wouldn't say!

UKIP has proved it is a party that appeals to anyone who wants common sense back into politics. UKIPs policies are decide by real people and NOT career politicians. The main parties are now dominated by career politicians with little or no experience of the realities of life outside the political bubble. This is why real people are turning to UKIP and away from the artificial, out of touch and self absorbed main parties.

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  1. good to hear - keep up the hard work