Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The first day of the rest of my life

I woke up this morning and realised for the first time in years I had no UKIP Work to do!

When I first became involved in UKIP it was a small part of my life but it grew and grew and grew until it became a monster! Prior to UKIP I had a thriving business making good money, I went to the gym regularly, I had friends, hobbies and interests. In short I had a life! The last two months I have lived, breathed, eaten and slept UKIP and the European Election Campaign. On Sunday evening that campaign resulted in thirteen MEPs. I was particularly delighted by John Bufton getting the fourth seat in Wales. John really deserved that seat and I unreservedly wish him well. I was proud to be even slightly associated with that victory but to be honest it was John and his team that won it. Brilliant news John. If you are ever in the North East you are welcome in my house anytime.

However, after the campaign I took stock of the situation and decided I didn't want another 5 years of it. Thank you to those people who have said I will be missed in UKIP, even more thanks to those people who really meant it! UKIP was a massive part of my life for the past five years but it's time to move on. There will be no vitriolic "resignation speech" or massive self indulgent e-mails. As far as I am concerned the UKIP door has closed behind me and its time to look forward not back.

PS OK I'm kidding myself. I'm going to stay a member of UKIP and might even stand for the National Executive Committee! Now that might be a fun job! NOT!


  1. Interesting to read your account of what it is like to have politics take over your life.

    Even sat here twittering and blogging, I get a real sense of that.

    Good luck with whichever direction you choose to follow from now on.