Friday, 19 June 2009

News of my Resignation is premature!

Thank you to all those people who have contacted me to say they will miss me in the Hartlepool Council Chamber following my resignation as reported in the Hartlepool Mail last night.

Sorry to disappoint some people but the "stepping down" referred to my post as Head of Elections for the UK Independence Party. The job was taking me away from my family and from Hartlepool for bigger and bigger periods of time, culminating in almost two moths in London in April and May to co-ordinate the UKIP European Parliament Campaign.

After this campaign I decide to step back from the national scene a little bit to spend more time at home. This actually means I cam be more active in Hartlepool Council and get my teeth even more into St.Hilda Ward Issues. I have never stopped fighting for ST.Hilda Ward but now I can give it even more attention without distractions from national issues.

I will miss the buzz of the bigger game but in the end I'm elected as a local councilor and that is the political job that deserves my priority. I still won't go to meetings that don't effect my ward or its residents, I have no intention of becoming one of those Councillors who would attend the opening of an envelope if there was an "attendance list" going round. I despise people who think "being there" is more important than actually doing anything when you are there.

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  1. Yeah, the title to that piece in the paper had me worried, Steve. Great that you are carrying to representing the ward locally.