Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MPs should be housed in barracks

I still don't think the MPs have realised how much the public now hold them in contempt. The reimbursements to MPs of the expenses they incurred while performing their public duties is not an issue for me, what is a unacceptable is the way they have been exploiting the system for personal gain. How can the legal fees incurred for changing a property leasehold to a freehold possibly be an expense incurred while performing public duties? The Hartlepool MP obviously thought it was because he has reportedly claimed them as one!

MPs say it is necessary for them to have two homes, one in their
constituency, one in London. The obvious question to ask is "WHY?" I have worked in London and for short term projects I stay in a hotel or for longer term work I rent a flat. If I charged my client expenses to BUY a property in London and then charged them more to furnish it I would quickly be out of a job.

I think the suggestion by the Taxpayers Alliance is very sensible. Let the MPs move into the Olympic Village being built for the 2012 games. Alternatively why not a specially constructed barracks-style complex for MPs? The Barracks being the most popular suggestion made by members of the public to the committee set up to look at MPs expenses.

There is also some disgust over the dozen or so MPs who have now said they will step down after The Daily Telegraph revealed their expenses. Most are insisting on staying on until the general election, when they will qualify for a "resettlement grant" worth as much as £64,000. Rarely do I agree with a Liberal-Democrat but I think Nick Clegg has it right when he calls for an end to resettlement payments to MPs who chose to stand down.

The other thing that will upset Hartlepool's MP is the ban on employing family. His wife will need to look for another job in the future. I predict a "you employ my wife and I'll employ yours" culture will soon develop with MP's employing the partner of the MP in the adjoining constituency and visa versa!

Thanks to The Daily Telegraph for exposing the sorry state of British Politics

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  1. Perhaps they could fiddle their expenses to get the Olympics Village finished by British workers so that that bloody French company Bougies employing Portuguese workers to do the 'finishing' in the Olympics Village goes bust like the parasites they are! Imagine a UK company bringing Portuguese workers into France to 'finish French homes' The portuguese workers and their UK bosses would 'finish' on Mme Guillotine... and quite rightly too!