Monday, 1 June 2009

Lies and more lies

They say politics is a dirty game but its not helped by slipshod reporting and failures by supposedly reputable newspapers to spot deliberate misinformation and lies. Several days ago a Green website carried a leaflet supposedly by Godfery bloom and Derek Clark, both UKIP MEPs, that was supposed to be UKIP's anti Green policy. The whole leaflet was deliberate piece of disinformation but it's now appearing in the Guardian reportedly as UKIP's official policy.

Of course its a waste of time telling the Guardian its got it wrong and they are peddling misinformation that first appeared on a Green Party Blog. Since when has the Guardian really worried about telling the truth about UKIP? Its not like it claims to be a disinterested observer.

Anyway, the leaflet being reproduced is NOT an official UKIP leaflet and is a spoof document that has appeared on various websites spreading deliberate misinformation about UKIP and its policies. The Leaflet is NOT endorsed by UKIP and has been produced without the permission or approval of either of the UKIP Candidates whose names are used on it.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the Guardian's research has been so slipshod as to be taken in by such a poorly executed spoof. Unfortunately the Green's on the web are now using the Guardian's article to legitimie their spoof leaflet!

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