Tuesday, 30 September 2008

sad, sad, sad

Well I couldn´t resist it any longer and I had to find an internet cafe to get a fix of surfing. While I´ve been away it appears the western world´s economy has collapsed, I´ll bet Al Quieda are pìssed off, all that time and effort spent on bombs and all they had to do was buy a few dodgy mortgages instead. I did see the boss of the Bradford and Bingley who took over in Mid August will walk away with almost two million pounds for 30 days at the helm. Can´t the politicians see that its the fat cats milking the system that need to be controlled not pandered to? but then of course the lib/lab/con all sold out to big business years ago. The Tories are the party of old money and Nu Labour the party of New Money, but in both cases its definitely money that talks.

Well better go since I´m paying for this by the minute and am being told to stop ranting. Home again tonight unfortunately, every time I pass through the stupid revolving door at arrivals at Newecastle airport it makes my spirits fall and then getting a parking charge because we actually stopped in the drop off bay long enough to open the boot, put in the cases and leave. I hate Newcastle (rip off) airport.

PS I also hate the new politically correct Sainsbury´s adverts. Have you noticed that there is no Dad sitting round the kitchen table for family meals?

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