Saturday, 13 September 2008

Choose the laws you obey and forget the rest?

I keep having to check its not 1st April when i listen to the news these days. Stories that would be brilliant April Fools are now quite often true. We now have the courts telling us that criminal damage is OK if it is in the cause of fighting global warming! According to many scientists two of the biggest contributors to global warming are motor cars and airplanes. Should we therefore all start overturning cars on the street and setting them on fire? Should we storm the airports and slash the tires of every jumbo jet we can find? When the police arrive we just tell them we are protesting about global warming and then it will be OK to continue?

If criminal damage to power stations is OK now then what about the workers and bosses of such power stations? Are they to soon be legitimate targets? The shadowy figures in balaclavas from the animal rights groups seemed to have a fair level of success (from their point of view anyway) when they adopted the tactic of targeting the employees (and shareholders) of companies involved in animal testing. So maybe the next step is for eco-warriors to pull on their masks and start terrorising the people who operate and run these power stations. Make them too scared to turn up for work and the power stations will have to shut down! Will that be deemed acceptable in the fight against global warming?

In my opinion the argument that the ends justify the means is a difficult one to justify in most cases!

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