Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Buzz Word Bingo

I've selected a few "buzz words" from the last post so anyone who wants to play a game of buzzword bingo can have a go. Print out the list and put each word on a slip of paper. The competitors take it in turns to draw out 5 buzz words. Read through the last post and the person who sees their 5 buzz words used first is the winner. Build up your stock of buzz words for use in your own games in meetings at work!

integrated, governance, issues, challenging , good management practice, seamless delivery, partnership working, mentors, reform, building capacity, common platform, (10-year) strategy, improve outcomes, key strengths, start of the journey, step change and world-class workforce.

No doubt everyone has their own favourites (Low Hanging Fruit, Stretch the envelope, push at the boundaries, etc) My own is "Let's scuba that round the think tank and see if any bubbles come up"

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