Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Have you spotted the new logo yet

According to the August Issue of Newsline (Hartlepool Council and Schools Employee Newsletter), Hartlepool Council have made some subtle changes to its logo, following a review involving representatives from all departments. Has anyone out there spotted the new logo in use yet? I down loaded the one above from the Hartlepool Council Website and I think it's still the old design? The thumbnail shown in Newsline has Hartlepool written in Green not Blue and there are four waves under the stag, not three as in the logo above. Well the changes are described as "subtle"

Nice to hear that there is time in the busy working day of Hartlepool Council to "refresh" the Hartlepool "brand". Of course it hasn't been "refreshed" since 1996 so maybe it was overdue for a change! After all it's almost impossible to maintain morale with an outdated and tired logo!

Refreshing the logo might be the sort of job that requires an enthusiastic, talented and forward-thinking individual who can help continue Hartlepool Council's drive to deliver excellent internal communications to their employees. No doubt the new logo is indicative of Hartlepool Council's passion for internal communications and ability to embrace change. I'm certain the representatives from every department displayed formidable abilities to multitask, prioritise their workload and work on their own initiative. Possible Essex County Council may even now be head hunting their New "Internal Communications Officer" from amongst the ranks of Hartlepool Council's "Team HBC"

Any Council Taxpayer worrying that the change will result in loads of material with the "old" logo being dumped need not be concerned. You can be reassured that the new brand guidelines will be phased in as and when items need replacing. In fact a guidance manual on how the brand should be applied is currently being produced and should be available on the Hartlepool Council Intranet soon. Look out for "Team HBC" logo and "brand" on a council letterhead, flag, vehicle, polo shirt, etc in your town. Obviously the Council Website doesn't need replacing yet or the new logo could be seen on line?

If you want to know more e-mail alastair.rae@hartlepool.gov.uk

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