Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hit and Run!

My daughter learned another hard lesson in life today about how there are some nasty people about. Some scumbag drove into her car, made a huge dent in the front panel but didn't stop. My daughter has had the car for less than a week and it is her pride and joy. Judging by the damage the bastard who ran into it can't have failed to notice they had hit it, we are not talking a small scuff here, this is a major dent!

As a new driver there is no way my daughter can afford to get it fixed, her insurance excess is £650 and as the other driver didn't stop she can't claim off his (or her) insurance, assuming of course they actually have insurance.

So if you were in Hartlepool near the pink sandwich shop in York Road around lunch time today and saw someone hit and run into a silver Nisan Micra then my daughter (and then the Police!) would like to hear from you!

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