Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hey I'm going to Barbados

Hey. I'm going to Barbados, flying high with Coconut Airways! Does anyone remember that song? Totally Tropical sang it back in 1975. Unfortunately I'm not really going to see the palm trees, nor am I going to see my girlfriend in the sunny Caribbean sea!

However, I'm off to Majorca for a few days! Easyjet from Newcastle. Getting the 8.00am departure on a Sunday gets you to Majorca in plenty of time to be sat on the balcony sipping a cool drink with your lunch. I know its not supposed to be environmentally friendly and my carbon footprint is fairly big this year already but
take heart from the fact that a Virgin Atlantic 747 flew from London to Amsterdam in February this year using fuel made with a coconut and babassu oils mixed with conventional jet fuel. Of course according to the Aviation Environment Federation only 2.3 per cent of global carbon emissions come from air travel so maybe I shouldn't feel too guilty anyway? Unfortunately not according to Greenpeace who condemned the Virgin flight as a publicity stunt with dangerous consequences for the planet, high altitude greenwash! Friends of the Earth even dismissed biofuels as a major distraction in the fight against climate change with mounting evidence that the carbon savings from biofuels are negligible.

Well regardless of the carbon footprint I'm off to the sun for a few days! Don't know if blogging will continue while I'm away, depends on whether I can find an Internet connection!

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  1. Hope you're having a good break Steve, and bugger the carbon footprint. When I go the only thing I will be remembered for is the bloody huge carbon fotprint I intend to leave behind!

    Typically Tropical, do I remember them? Memories.