Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Conservation area?

One of the on-going sagas at Hartlepool Council is the status of Conservation Areas around the town and in particular the plastic windows" debate on the Headland. Another hot potato is pot holes in road! So here is a unique opportunity for both these issues to be combined.

Hartlepool Council kindly filled in some pot holes on the Headland recently. Unfortunately they used tarmac in a cobbled area, totally destroying the ambiance of the original Victorian road scene. Hartlepool Council's Policy is that any work done to property in a Conservation area must enhance the area and where possible return it back to its original appearance. So if Hartlepool Council can insist on traditionally constructed, timber, sliding sash windows why can Hartlepool Council also put down tarmac in one of the few remaining cobbled areas on the Headland?

I blame the local Councillor whose house is only a few feet away from the site of this vandalism! Oops, that's me!

UPDATE : UPDATE : It maybe that the tarmac is a temp arrangement as in a 'make safe' until a return visit can be made to rectify to the appropriate specification. This sometimes happens if the team have a bit of tarmac left in the hotbox rather than dumping it.

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  1. Temporary arrangement ?
    Sounds like an excuse to me !