Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Electoral Reform Part 2

My post a few days ago regarding electoral reform received a couple of comments and even produced an e-mail from Ashley Dé, the "Head of Comms and Media" at the Electoral Reform Society.

Apparently my blog came up in their media monitoring and he passed on my comments about other anomalies to their Head of Research, who has "read them with interest". Ashley even apologised that the piece was not as exhaustive as it could have been but given the problems with local elections they could have filled up the whole magazine.

I definitely think the time is well overdue for some serious electoral reform in this country and if anyone wants some further information about electoral reform then I definitely recommend a visit to the Electoral reform Socity website


Of particular interest was


This is a short pamphlet on Proportional Representation Myths, which answers some of the more lazy and commonplace arguments of the First Past The Post lobby. In its preface it explains that "no political issue attracts more fallacious arguments than proportional representation (PR). Perhaps the most foolish one is that a proportional system would be too difficult for the voters to understand. The implication must be that English voters are the most stupid in Europe. For every other European country except France uses a proportional system, and proportional representation is now used for the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish devolved bodies and for local government in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Only Westminster and local authorities in England and Wales remain as a last redoubt of First-Past-the-Post."

Well worth a read!

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