Saturday, 27 August 2011

The only thing worse than being talked about....... NOT being talked about (Oscar Wilde). Of course if you are involved in politics then most of what is said about you is untrue. The public however seem to be much more inclined to believe what they read on an anonymous website than they are to actually find out the real truth, especially f the anonymous website is full of bile and invective while the truth is much less titilating.

Anyway, the message board I am finding most amusing recently is one called "Junius" which proports to be an expose of the real UKIP. I find most of the rubbish posted on there to be exactly that...RUBBISH. When he (or she?) comments on events I know some of the background to, or have details about, I inevitably find he is so far off the mark that it is laughable. I therefore assume anything I do not know the details of, but upon which he pontificates, is similarly wide of the mark. I have just visited the site and he is ranting about the Ashford Call Centre. PLEASE! How long before he lets that go. I do occasionally find myself the subject of his bile. Just a few days ago, I was a Faragist Lickspittle who was put in place to manipulate and cheat to ensure a YES Vote in the PEP Ballot. Ensuring the "right" result would apparently be my route to a seat as an MEP next time! Strangely, there has been no comment from Junius about me since the NO Vote in the ballot! Am I still a Farage brown noser?

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