Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Success of Norway’s Fishing Industry Outside of the EU

Great Article from the Freedom Association.

The disaster of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for Britain’s fishing industry is well documented, but in complete contrast is the great success of Norway’s fishing industry – outside of the EU.
Norway's fisheries and aquaculture industry is one of the world’s largest exporters of seafood reaching over 150 countries and producing 3 million tonnes of seafood each year. For the seventh year in a row the Norwegians have hit record highs in seafood exports (53.8 billion kroner in 2010, a fivefold increase from the 1990’s).
Not being in the EU is no disadvantage for Norway’s fishing industry with the EU accounting for 58% of seafood exports (31 billion kroner) and France being the largest EU market (5.3 billion kroner). Outside of the EU, Norway’s booming seafood exports are seeing significant growth in all of the BRIC countries.
To prevent over-fishing and preserve the ecosystem, Norway has agreements with Russia, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland (also not in the EU), Greenland (which left the EU in 1982) and the EU. The Norwegians have recognised that in order to preserve fish stocks it is totally unnecessary and dangerous to give away control of your national independence and fishing waters to the EU. Norway’s success also nails one of the great lies made by the EU for the CFP- that “fish don't recognise borders”. Of course the EU forgets to mention that fish don’t recognise EU borders either especially when they swim into the waters of countries with successful fishing industries outside of the EU, like Norway and Iceland.
It is quite clear that Norway’s NO votes in two EU referendums (1972 and 1994) has saved both their national independence and fishing industry, enabling it to prosper in the 21st century.
Norway’s fishing success outside of the EU provides a stark contrast to the wrecking of Britain’s fishing industry inside the EU. A look at the shocking figures showing the decline of Britain’s fishing industry should deeply shame successive British Governments:
- In 1970 there were 21,443 fishermen in the UK. By 2009 there were 12,212 (43% less)
- 97,000 jobs have been lost: 9,000 in fishing and 88,000 in dependent industries
- In 2007 Britain had 6,763 fishing vessels compared with 8,458 in 1997
- 70% of the total EU catch comes from what were formerly British waters.
- The CFP costs Britain an estimated £4.7 billion per annum (excluding the costs of unemployment)
- £1 billion of discarded British cod
The CFP disaster has led to other bizarre consequences. Britain has to import fish to satisfy rising domestic demand, with the fish imported being caught in what were our own territorial waters. Spain has Europe's biggest fleet and the largest quotas with most of its fishing done in British and Irish waters. 75% of EU fish stocks are overfished and near extinction.
Insane doesn’t even begin to describe the fact that EU member Great Britain, at a costs of £4.7 billion per annum, has collapsing fishing stocks and a declining fishing industry whilst Norway, outside of the EU, has healthy fishing stocks and a very profitable fishing industry that exports to over 150 countries.
The blame for this disaster can and should be laid directly at the door of those responsible - Britain’s cowardly and deceitful political class who have consistently allowed the EU to ruin Britain’s fishing industry and for that we should truly despise them.

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