Monday, 15 August 2011

Take a break! I wish!

Son and heir is currently on the high seas cruising to Cephalonia (the largest of the Ionian islands) so no need to stalk him for a couple of days. Just as well since next week is frantic busy. The future direction of the UK Independence party will be decided in Hartlepool tomorrow (Tuesday 16 August) when the UK Independence Party Chairman, Stephen Crowther, will be in Hartlepool to witness the completion of an internal party ballot, to decide on whether or not UKIP joins a Pan-European Party.

It's been my job to oversee the ballot, as the Party Vice Chairman, and I've been using the services of local Hartlepool Firm, Atkinson Print, in Church Street.

It has been a big job to organize the ballot and the services of Atkinson Print have been vital; they have the specialist printing capabilities to ensure the integrity of the ballots can be guaranteed. Something absolutely essential when the result is as important as this one to UKIP.

The result of the ballot will be announced sometime on Tuesday afternoon. A ‘yes’ vote will see the UK Independence party looking to form a party in the European Parliament which will be open to MEPs of any member country that wish to see the European Union broken up and sovereignty returned to the individual member states. A ‘no’ vote will see UKIP remain purely a UK based party.

Then I've got a couple of meetings regarding a possible new business venture I've become involved in and of course although the MA Dissertation is finished I still have to print two copies and get it handed in. That will take longer than I expect I'm sure. So busy, busy, busy!

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