Sunday, 21 August 2011

I must get a life!

I just realised that the majority of my blog posts at the moment are related to Edward Stalking. I really must get a life of my own. Today I'm going to proof read the MA Dissertation. It needs to be at the printers by next Wednesday at the latest. I'll do a bit of work round the garden and then parents are coming for lunch. Rosie is due home in time for lunch so it might be an afternoon of "ticket to ride" or failing that "Penguin Game" Early night tonight, I really need some sleep then the next fun filled week commences bright and early on Monday morning. The current jobs list stands at: (in no particular order!)

1, New gas meter box at Duke Street
2. Finish Lister Street bathroom
3. Decorate Lister Street
4 Clear yard at Lister Street
5. Re-let Lister Street
6. Fight Council over Parking Ticket
7. Review UKIP Draft Constitution
8. Clean out and make secure ground floor at Milton Road
9. Repair rear window at Milton Road
10.Finish stripping upstairs bathroom at home
11.Strip and remove old caravans
12.Re-grout Milton Road Shower
13.Creosote paddock fences and gates
14.Tidy away and stack scaffolding
15.Level turnout paddock
16.Repair guttering and down comers round dog's kennel
17.Repair/replace damaged stable doors
18.New guttering along stable front
19.Paint house sofits and facia boards
20.Finish off box round heat pump pipework
21.Re-lay patio paving
22.Finish off exterior heat pump box
23.Infill where trenches have settled and level lawn
24.Cut grass every week
25.Take dog for daily walk
26.Re-felt both pet shed
27.Re-felt storage shed
28.Creosote pet shed
29.Creosote storage shed
30.Repair and re-paint chicken coop
31.Tidy playroom
32.Fit New Kitchen at Thornton Street
33.Finish interior boxing in Utility room
34.Fit mouldings round kitchen cupboards at home
35.Sort out wiring to utility room extractor fan
36.Clean and treat exterior window sill in big room
37.Box in extractor duct in Kitchen
38.Landscape pond
39.Hang mirror above fireplace in big room
40.Make and fit heat shield above wood burning stove in big room
41.Replace insulation in roof where slabs have slipped
42.Rebuild steps outside back door at home
43.Make proper doors for crawlspace access
44.Hinges and finish door on upstairs cupboard
45.Strip out old hot water cylinder
46.Replace Gate post Pillar cap at home
47.Creosote Gates
48.Level area where caravans have been removed
49.Erect fence along boundary from barn to pond
50.Plant willows along boundary near barn
51.Set up raised veggie beds ready for next year
52.Lay pavings stones to provide Newbie with more hard-standing area
53.Lay paving stones to path to chicken coop
54.SUBMIT my MA Dissertation
55.Do audit reports.
57.Tax Returns
58.Re-lay the Tiles on the steps at Beaconsfield Square
59.Re-assembly tread mill.
60.Fit new upstairs bathroom

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