Thursday, 18 August 2011

Brad Pitt or a Tall contest!

A major Hollywood block buster is being filmed in Glasgow at the moment. A cast and crew of 1,200 will be involved over the next two weeks. According to Glasgow City Council “the positive impact of the production on the local economy is likely to be in excess of £2m” Obviously what Glasgow really needs is the Tall Ships Race? Two million pounds only chicken feed compared to the benefits of the Tall Ships. Let’s face it Brad Pitt is hardly going to generate the same level of publicity for Glasgow as the visit by a sailing ship is he!

One question I’d like to ask is, what are the Hartlepool Tall Ships Team doing now? After all it was vital that the expert events team built up in the town was kept together for the future. Exactly what major events have they put on in the last twelve months? What events are they building up to? If the UK Government applied the same logic as Hartlepool Council then the team who organized Wills and Katie’s wedding will all have been kept together, on full pay, ready to spring into action for the next time a future king gets married!

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