Thursday, 1 September 2011

Alicante - main city and cruise port on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Been a bit quiet on the Edward Stalking front recently. I've still being logging into "Aurora Cam" but the ship has been at sea so not much to report. Today however they are docked in Alicante so there is a new view on the cam.

Alicante is built around a natural harbour and is the main city and cruise port on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Of course Hartlepool's Mayor shared a similar vision for Hartlepool to occupy the position as the main city and cruise port on England's east coast, a vision that so far remains unfulfilled. Hartlepool and Alicante do however have many things in common, apart from the blue skies and warm sunshine of course. Alicante, is also a top beach resort in its own right (Hartlepol has the Block Sands and the paddling pool, although who knows for how much longer after the Heugh falls down). Alicante has a sophisticated Mediterranean feel (Hartlepool hasn't) with its restored old town (Hartlepool Headland) adding to its charm (rows of boarded up terraced houses waiting for new Housing Hartlepool Estates?). Alicante has the attraction of its sandy beaches (Seaton?). Dubbed the ‘City of Light’ when founded by the Romans (Hartlepool, dubbed the place they 'hang monkeys' by the French?), Alicante is still a relaxing place to walk around (As is Hartlepool because all the shops are shut).

Down from the impressive Castillo de Santa Barbara fortress (Hartlepool Civic Centre) which offers impressive views across the city, most activity centres in the streets around the Ayuntamiento (Church Street), a plaza area buzzing with restaurants and tapas bars. There are also many cafés along the seafront (Navigation Point).

Works by artists including Dali, Miro and Picasso are on show at the Museo de Arte Siglo and there is also an archaeological museum (Historic Quay and Museum of Hartlepool.

So there you are, what has Alicante got that Hartlepool hasn't? Just look at these pictures. Can you tell which town each was taken in?

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