Tuesday, 8 January 2008

While Wwilf'ing this evening I came across a strange little item on another blog.


This is a site which calculates how much your body is worth after you are dead. I was amazed to discover my dead body is worth $4,875, especially as the blog I stole it from belongs to a very attractive young lady whose body was only worth $4,275.

Just shows that being a balding, overweight, 40 something year old UKIP Councillor doesn't mean you are totally worthless.

Just been e-mailed by a reader of my blog (yes there are some) who was crowing his cadaver was worth $10 more than mine. Right, game on! Wouldn't it be strange if the motivation I need to get to the gym and loose weight was actually provided by the desire to improve the value of my body after I am dead!

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