Friday, 18 January 2008

Back to the Twilight Zone

After recent events I was considering asking my Doctor for a check up to see if someone had slipped some consciousness altering substances into my tea. I am feeling like a resident of the twilight zone. This week a motion I proposed at a Council Meeting was actually passed! An unheard of occurrence. Most members of Hartlepool Council don’t need to hear anything from me past “I propose….” before they decide to vote no.

I then read the Mayor’s Mail column about Nuclear Power and found myself nodding in agreement. In the late 1980’s I worked at Sellafield and nuclear power scares the heck out of me, but, if we are going to keep the lights on and reduce our dependency on foreign energy suppliers then I don’t see any practical alternative.

A third surreal moment came with Iain Wright’s column this week; once again I was nodding in agreement. The economic argument for a new Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station is also undeniable. We need the real jobs a new power station will bring and keep in Hartlepool.

The twilight zone remained in place on Friday when I read the announcement about the new development on the Marina. This has been on the drawing board for several years and to spin it as something that has come about due to the Tall Ships Race is definitely twilight zone.

So as the control of the vertical returns to me and as the control of the horizontal is re-established I welcome the new development to secure the long term future of HMS Trincomalee and have no doubt it will be good for Hartlepool. As will Victoria Harbour, another long term development. However, to link either of these developments to the Tall Ships Race is definitely spinning the truth just a bit.

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