Friday, 25 January 2008

Adventure in the Big City

My blogging seems to have been sadly neglected during the past week but its always hard to keep on top of it when I'm busy. Just got back from a trip to the big city (Well got back about 4.00pm yesterday but went straight to bed to recover and so now am facing the middle of the night wide awake, hence time to blog!)

Amongst other things in London I attended a fund raiser for the UKIP Mayoral Campaign. The UKIP Candidate Gerard Batten MEP gave a good speech and was ably supported by Nigel Farage MEP and UKIP Members Neil and Christine Hamilton who Gerrard described (tongue in cheek I hope) as "always good value for money"

After the event I ended up in a swish City Pub with Clive Page and John Buffton. This pub didn't sell draught beer, only larger and imported bottled drinks, too posh for a northern lad like me. The place was heaving at midnight and we discovered this was because it was a favourite haunt of the overseas bond dealers who started work in the early evening to catch the opening of the foreign Markets, broke for "lunch" between midnight and 2.00am then went back to work until dawn. Strange nocturnal existence and my heart was bleeding for some of the poor creatures who hadn't got a big a bonus as they were expecting. One poor soul had to make do with £310K when he was expecting £1.1 Mil, how do they survive?

Dragged myself northwards on the train on Thursday morning and managed to sleep most of the way. Was interrupted a couple of times by Clive ringing to check on me. I think he was worried that I was displaying all the symptoms he had just prior to his heart attack! So never again will I be allowing gin and tonic to pass my lips in trendy city bars. If they don't serve a decent pint of beer then I'm out of there.

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