Thursday, 31 January 2008

Put it in Perspective - RIP Paul Abbott

All the political games, the point scoring, the back biting and name calling were all put into perspective for me on Wednesday when I attended the funeral of one of Hartlepool's larger than life characters. Paul Abbott.

Paul sadly passed away last week after a short period in hospital. Paul was only 58 and judging by the packed Church he will be sadly missed. I had known Paul for getting on for 20 years, both as a client, fellow Rotarian and I hope as a friend. My deepest sympathies go to Norma and Christopher and of course to all the other family members.

Paul rode a "big hog" Harley Davidson, ran with the Bulls in Pamplona, was unashamedly politically incorrect and had a joke for every occasion. In fact if I ever came home and told my wife a decidedly dodgy joke her usual response was "Have you been talking to Abbott today?"

I looked very hard at local politics and life in general after Paul’s Funeral. I will continue to represent the people of St.Hilda Ward to the best of my ability but Hartlepool Councillors are not deciding on the future society of this country, all of that is done behind closed doors in Brussels and Strasburg and the day after you lose your Council Seat no-one in the Civic Centre, let alone outside it, remembers your name! Life is definitely too short to worry about it. So I’m going to get my RYA Day Skipper Ticket, sail on a Tall Ship Challenger in April, take the family on a fly drive to the USA in July and I’m going to remember the glass is always half full. RIP Paul.

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