Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Your Town Your Say

Had an e-mail forwarded to me through the Council's e-consultation system email address - Your Town Your Say.  First time this has happened to me as most people use the direct e-mail if they want me to get their comment (steve.allison@hartlepool.gov.uk).

I have asked if there is a facility allowing me to respond direct to the senders but it might not be possible. However, I always read e-mails (and letters or faxes) and am always pleased to get feedback.

The e-mail was supportive of re-cycling and the fortnightly collections. They said that for them it works brilliantly, but did concede that there may be households where people may have problems. For instance, there may be nowhere for the empty blue box or the white bag to be left safely to prevent them being a danger to
traffic on windy days.

In principle I too am very supportive of re-cycling, I think it is the way we have to go. However, I am not convinced that alternate weekly collection (to give "fortnightly collections" their official title) are actually necessary. This view is shared by the Commons Select Committee who investigated refuse collection. They found that there was no direct causal link between alternate weekly collection and increased recycling rates. They also said alternate weekly collection was NOT suitable for urban areas or high density housing. As the e-mail concluded "Anything that helps people to deal more responsibly with the stuff we discard ought to be applauded and encouraged." However, that does not mean we should just accept anything we are told. It is my view that a back bench councillor is there to ask questions and that is what I intend to continue doing.

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  1. Good to see a decent, hard working UKIP member working for the benefit of his ward.

    Quite agree that he doesn't have to attend meetings which don't involve the concerns or needs of the people who elected him.

    He is also doing a first class job as director of elections of UKIP as well as being the North East Regional Organiser.

    That is quite a burden for anyone to carry.

    Perhaps it would be better for people instead of criticising Mr Allison to call him up and offer to help?