Thursday, 13 September 2007

What do Lib-Dems believe in..........?

The Lib-Dims leader Sir Menzies Campbell has thrown his mate Gordon Brown a life line over the revised European Union constitution by arguing that a referendum on the new treaty was not necessary. The fanatically pro-European Lib-Dems claim the new EU reform treaty is sufficiently different from the original constitution to avoid the need for a plebiscite.

I regularly meet Liberal-Democrat supporters who have no idea what their party stands for. The Liberal Democrats have been the natural home of people who don't want to be Labour or Conservative but who don't have the self confidence to stand alone without a Party flag. Ask a Lib-Dem on the doorstep what he or she believes in and the answer is usually something on the lines of "I believe in whatever you believe in"

However, in common with the Tory Party the Lib-Dem Leadership is very clear on its aims and beliefs, they really believe in only one thing........getting your vote! The Tories are generally euro sceptic at grassroots level but massively pro-European Union in their higher ranks, the Lib-Dems have local issues as their priority at Grass Roots but are also massively pro-European Union in their leadership. Not surprising that the higher up you go and the more politics becomes your profession then the more pro-EU you become since jobs for politicians and bureaucrats both grow like Topsy under the centralist, controlling agenda of the European Union.

In the words of one man who tried in the previous millennium to unite Europe under a single flag.... "Governments are fortunate that the people rarely think" Well the Lib-Dems are a perfect example of the truth of that statement, because no-one who really thought about it could be a Lib-Dem.

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