Saturday, 8 September 2007

Meetings .... Meetings ...... Meetings

There seems to be considerable interest in my attendance at meetings, or not! Looking at the Council Diary for next week I note I have three potential attendances...

Monday, Contract Scrutiny Panel. 10.00am. This usually last about 10 minutes and is a complete waste of time and almost an insult to go to. It consists of Councillors watching envelopes being opened or being asked to note the decisions already taken. However, it is an easy "tick" to keep up the attendance figures. The last meeting I went to lasted 9 minutes. It took longer to park the car and get to the meeting room than the meeting actually lasted.

Tuesday, Member's Seminar. 11.00am. The last one of these I went to was on the Anhydrite Mine, a subject I do follow very closely as it is in my ward and potentially of considerable interest to my residents. I don't know what the topic of this one is since they are put in the council diary once a month for a year in advance and then topics announced closer to the date. Quite often there isn't anything to discuss so they are cancelled. Of course if I don't arrange a day off work then I can't go, so I need to keep 10 days a year clear on the off chance there might be a seminar.

Thursday, Full Council.7.00pm. The only meeting not during the day and in fact it was recently agreed that ALL full council meetings would be held in the evening from now on. This will help the minority of Councillors who still have to work for a living and is supposed to make it easier for the public to attend. Of course the public almost never attend anyway and very rarely take up their right to ask questions of the Council.

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