Saturday, 8 September 2007

Moving On!

I'm moving house fairly shortly (that should start a few rumours running!!) and so I'm tiding out boxes and sorting papers in readiness for the re-location.

One of the things I came across was an Employee Evaluation Report from the far off days when I was living in the Big City. Taking into account the recent character analysis of me on HTH I found the interesting bits of the report were my attitudes to team work and my motivation factors.

According to the Consultants who carried out the evaluations I was someone who could be “led but not driven” and who’s goal orientation required a Manager who would gave me freedom to achieve without micro-managing me.

My motivational factors were also quite high up the Maslow Pyramid. My needs for the basics easily met and most of my motivation was self actualising. However, the ambition / ability ration was that of a classic underachiever in that my abilities far exceeded my ambitions.

Basically I work best under a boss I respect and who sets me challenging goals but without telling me in detail how to achieve those goals. The main problem I had was my refusal to “play the game” and climb the ladder through participating in office politics, (nothing changed there then!) and my refusal to suffer people I thought of as fools. Hence I became self employed in 1986 under a boss I could definitely respect and who left me free to organise my own work but who unfortunately didn’t really challenge me to new heights. I must have a word with myself about that!

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