Sunday, 23 September 2007

Different Country but same grasping politicians

It’s a balmy Sunday morning and I’m sat on the terrace reading the papers, my second cup of coffee beside me and a choice of plain or chocolate filled croissants. My other choice is the Mail on Sunday (printed in Palma) or the Sunday (Majorca) Bulletin. Looking at the FrontPages in both there isn’t much to choose between them. “Ministers cash in on two homes loophole” from the Mail or “MP’s get 10% pay increase” from the Bulletin

As Peter Osborne said in his column yesterday, if an autumn n election does take place (in the UK) it will be fought between two main parties with almost exactly identical views on every issue. The real divide in (British) politics is no longer between the major parties. Instead it is between an arrogant and Self Interested Political Class and the mass of ordinary voters.

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