Saturday, 22 September 2007

26% increase in Refuse Charges

Rubbish appears to be a problem everywhere as does politicians promising one thing but doing something else after the votes are counted. The Labour Government in the UK promised a referendum on the EU, a promise very unlikely to be kept. The new members of the Council of Majorca spent their time in opposition and during the last election campaign itself, calling for lower refuse collection charges.

The Majorca Bulletin today reports the Council of Majorca are now planning to raise rubbish collection charges by 26% next year.

Many moons ago I remember talking with one prominent Hartlepool politician (in the far off days when he did sometimes talk to me!) who proved you can promise anything during an election. Promise to reduce Council Tax Levels or promise to give free bananas to every school child; it doesn’t matter because everyone knows these are only election promises, so they didn’t really count!

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