Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hospital Protest

This week I’m starting the day with the Majorca Bulletin. On today’s front page the headline screamed “500 foreign inmates in Palma Jail” and the article explained that one in three prisoners were now non-Spanish. The secondary headline was “Protest over new hospital site”; it’s almost like being at home.

Things became even creepier when I read the article about the Hospital Protest. A group of people in white suites demonstrated outside the parliament building by staging a death scene where they were all “Stabbed in the Back”

It was reported in the Bulletin that during a recent election campaign the Balearic Leader, Francesc Antich, had been opposed to the new site but after the votes have been cast he appears to have changed his mind. I wondered if he knows Ian Wright? They appear to have a great deal in common!

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