Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Birthday Derek Allison

Not only was the NHS 60 on 30/06/2008 there were several other birthdays that day,

1470 - Charles VIII, King of France
1942 - Robert Ballard, explorer/geologist/author/discoverer (Titanic in 1985)
1966 - "Iron" Mike Tyson, NY, youngest heavyweight boxing champ (1986-90)

but most important it was also my father's Birthday. So happy birthday Derek Allison. Many happy returns of the day.


  1. Many happy returns!

  2. On a point of accuracy the NHS is 60 on the 5th July 2008!

  3. Thank you anonymous for your birthday wishes. I am considerably older than the NHS and can remember when the Hartlepool's had four hospitals and the NHS was actually free and managers and administrators were in short supply.