Monday, 30 June 2008

Happy Birthday to the NHS

The Labour Party has been out in force celebrating the 60th Birthday of their supposed greatest achievement, the National Health Service.

Unfortunately the NHS was a Tory idea, pushed by Winston Churchill and backed by Liberals (the real Liberals that is NOT the Liberal Democrats who are a totally different group). Papers coming to light now after over 50 years show the NHS was opposed by Labour and denounced as a right-wing plot”. Ernest Bevin even denounced it as a “social ambulance scheme”. It was only when public opinion swung behind it that Labour backed down and introduced it after winning power in 1945.

So nothing changes in the Labour Party. Even 60 years ago they were looking for any passing bandwagon and jumping on board, stealing the ideas of other parties and claiming them as their own. Just look at Hartlepool, the biggest single change to the town was brought about by the Marina development; a project pushed through, against local Labour opposition, by the TDC, a Tory Quango.

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