Saturday, 12 July 2008

Win a Seat Ibiza

Although the current round of Post Office Closures is completed the salami slicing of post office counter services continues ready for further closures in the future.

Should your local Councillor or your MP make mention of their “support” for post offices why not ask him about the latest government scheme to take even more revenue away from the Post Office Counters.

Tax disc renewal forms are now offering free entry to a draw to win a car if you renew online. Obviously this is an attempt to even further reduce Post Office usage by offering an incentive to switch away another service. If you still want to support your local Post Office and renew your tax disc over the counter you can do so but are not automatically entered into the draw. You can however apply, on line, to be entered into the draw separately.

The reason for what is in effect a discount on your tax bill if you go on line is being justified as a green measure. The scheme doesn’t say when all the Post Offices are closed no-one will need to visit them ever again and hence reduce unnecessary journeys but actually offers a Seat Ibiza as the prize due to it being the vehicle with the best combination of safety ratings and CO2 emission.

Save the planet and win a Seat Ibiza. Aren’t we lucky to have such a caring government! Shame the about the Post Offices but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!

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  1. There is also the small matter of the Post Office card account which might be shut down causing another 3,000 Post Offcies to shut. The subpostmasters are up in arms about this.