Sunday, 13 July 2008

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Sunday afternoon, had a lazy morning reading the papers (only possible, reading the papers that is, because my sister in law turned up at 9.00am to collect the bag she left here last night and so I thought if I'm up now I might as well go get the papers!). Went down to the Wheelhouse on the Marina for Sunday lunch, £98 for 7 of us so not bad including drinks. The Wheelhouse is Rosie's favourite place, after Starbucks. Rosie thunks Hartlepool would be immeasurably improved by a Starbucks. I pointed out that this time next week we'll be in New York so I'd take her to Sterbucks on 5th Avenue, unfortunately this time next week we'll actually be in Toronto so 5th Avenue will have to wait.

Lots of over lunch teasing of Edward who was actually out with a girl last week. They are just friends, of course, but it didn't stop him going very, very red. Ah the Allison Male curse, babe magnets every one of us!

Arrived back home determined to do some work. The expenses return for Henley has to be submitted before I go to the US and I have several hundred UKIP Enquiry forms to complete and a few hundred stamps to stick onto letters inviting people to the North East Regional Meeting on 26th July. However, the Wheelhouse lunch is now making me very sleepy so I don't think any of these jobs will get done before a nap!

The TV is also calling me, Rosie is watching "East is East" on the DVD, its part of her Sociology Course work for the summer vacation. Edward of course has no course work, or indeed work of any kind so his aim for now is to master Guitar Hero on the Wii.

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