Friday, 4 July 2008

Prom Time

It's "Prom" time again and this year its the turn of son and heir Edward to trip off into the night. In my day we never had a prom! I do remember having a rather drunken evening at the Carlton Club to celebrate the end of A Levels but not a "prom" with stretch limos and girls in evening gowns. My son Ed (picture below) went through agonies about what to wear, even buying the hat specially from the USA (via e-bay of course), he had his hair done (big girlie I thought, I never had streaks or highlights in my hair, and now a days I don't have enough hair to bother with that sort of thing! So maybe I'm just jealous).

We had a long serious father/son talk before he left and after the night was done I picked him up from Judges Hotel in Yarm no worse for his experiences. I then dropped him at an "after prom party" in Norton and the dirty stoppie out didn't come home until almost lunchtime the next day. Ah the wonders of youth!

All in all I'm very proud of him. He worked hard for his GCSE's and is now awaiting his results. What the future holds in the next couple of years depends very much on these results, but no matter what happens I will always be proud of him!

And now for something completely different......a picture of Rosie in her party frock. It only seems like 5 minutes since I was changing their nappies and now look at her and Ed, all growed up but still my little boy and girl

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