Friday, 4 July 2008

John Lewis List lives on

Hartlepool MP Mr Iain Wright was reportedly one of the 172 MPs who voted to keep the generous expenses allowances for MPs known as the "John Lewis List"

This name came about as it is reported that MPs can use this to buy themselves anything they like from the John Lewis Department Store Catalogue.

As the leading political comment site so aptly put it...........

"For if there’s one thing more than anything else that has undermined the reputation of the house (of Commons) in recent months it was been the continual drip-drip of media allegations about the misuse of the allowances and the lack of proper scrutiny. For these individuals to support the continuation of aspects of the system, against the recommendation of the committee, is breathtaking."

Not the first time Mr Wright MP has taken my breath away.... for example, his ability to twist and turn over the Hospital issue has been a wonder to behold

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