Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Home again

Landed at Heathrow at 6.30am this morning (UK Time) and hopped on a shuttle to Newcastle getting us home just after 11.00am. Piles of post and nearly 1,000 e-mails waited for me. Also my son received his long awaited response from his application to join the Royal Navy as an Engineering Cadet this September.

Some good news and some bad news! Edward passed the three day selection board and was shortlisted for a place, that's the good news! It means he made it through to the final hurdle, beating over 2,000 other youngsters who also applied and so I'm very proud of him for getting this far. The bad news is that there are only 30 places and the Navy lists the people who pass the boards in order of preference and unfortunately despite getting a pass mark Edward was not in the top 30 when all the boards were completed and so will not be getting a place in September. That's the bad news.

Better news is that as he passed the Board they would like him to attend a careers guidance meeting to discuss sponsorship through 6th form (but home based) and then possible university scholarships so all is not lost for a Naval Career.

PS Edward's mum is secretly pleased he didn't get in! Her baby (He's 6 foot tall now) was far to little to be going away to sea!

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  1. Great to have you home,