Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Return of the Constitution

The news seems to be leaking out that sixteen member states of the European Union have broken cover to try to make sure that the so-called European reform treaty is amended at the last moment to transform it into the rejected Constitution.

Just two days before the treaty is to be signed in Lisbon, they have called for the EU flag, anthem and motto to be restored to the discredited document. They also want to impose the euro currency on all member states and celebrate a “Europe Day”. It means that what was 96% of the old constitution is now 100%.

The 16 countries calling for the restoration of the constitution are Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The significant country missing is FRANCE, perhaps the new President isn't as keen on the EU as previous French regimes, maybe there is still some hope.

Of course Gordon Brown has a diary clash which means he can't go to Lisbon to sign the Constitution, sorry TREATY, it won't stop him being judged by history as another British Prime Minister who betrayed his country (although Scotland is doing OK at the moment so maybe he isn't betraying HIS country, he's just trashing England and Wales. Perhaps Scottish history will remember him as a great Scottish Patriot who worked for years from within the Westminster system to destroy the "Auld Enemy, the damned English").

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